Version 1.1.16: Include Patch Definition 1.1.6 relative to Community Builder enhancement
Friday, 13 February 2009 10:39
  • Ensure that MULTISITES_MASTER_ROOT_PATH has a correct value event when JMS is managed from a slave site.
    To guarantee the value, when JMS is called from a slave sites and a deploy directory is used, use the current MULTISITES_MASTER_ROOT_PATH value to write into the master JMS index.
  • Include the Patch Definition version 1.1.6 with Community Builder slave site specific configuration files
  • When using the creation of a website from the front-end and using the master website as "website template" template to replicate, it was not possible to retreive the login name from the DB because it was required to use a slave site for the replication. Now it is possible to use the master website as website to replicate from the front-end.