Patches definition history V1.0.x
You will find in this section the change history concerning the Patches Definition for Joomla Multi Sites version 1.0.x

Patch Version 1.0.12 : Fix VM patch delivered in Patch 1.0.11
Tuesday, 04 November 2008 15:52

We have notice some side effect with the VirtueMart Patch delivered in version 1.0.11

Fix problem in VirtueMart patch V1.0.11 that redirect the slave to the master configuration.
This new implementation is a mixt of original V1.0.1 and V1.0.11

Patch Version 1.0.11 : Modify VirtueMart patch to create a totally independent slave configuration file
Sunday, 26 October 2008 13:26

The previous version of the patch for VirtueMart only allow to customise the site URL and all the other configuration parameters was common to all the website.

With this new patch, we have created a totally independent slave VirtueMart configuration file that allow to change any parameters of the slave virtuemart configuration.

When a slave site has not defined and save specific configuration values, this is the master virtuemart configuration file that is used.
In such maner that a virtuemart configuration always exists.
For a slave site, the master configuration must be considered as a the default slave configuration.
The slave site has it own configuration when it save it for the first time.

Patch Version 1.0.10 : Add patch for JCE 1.5 specific installer
Friday, 17 October 2008 15:07

JCE Joomla Content Editor use its own "install" task to install some plugins.
In a slave site, when JCE want to install a plugin, an error was reported because the plugin is already installed by the master.

To avoid this problem, we have written a patch for JCE 1.5.0 stable that allow the JCE install overwrite the files on disk when it is call from a slave site.

Patch Version 1.0.9 : Allow template save their own parameters
Monday, 06 October 2008 00:00

Joomla template configuration save the setting into a file called "params.ini" file present in the template directory.
As all websites share the files and folders, when a website change the template parameters, it was modiified and applicable for all the websites.

To allow each website having its own "params.ini", this patch add the site identifier in the name of the parameter file.

Patch Version 1.0.8 : Fix in the master wrapper configuration file
Saturday, 13 September 2008 00:00

In some circonstances,  it was possible to have an error due to an attempt to redefine the JConfig class present in the Joomla configuration.php file.

To avoid this problem, we have added a test into the configuration wrapper to avoid the attempt to redefine the JConfig class.

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