How to configure a domain with GoDaddy

The present GoDaddy domain configuration is based on the configuration of a customer.

Thsi procedure shows you how to configure several domain to share the same directory path than the master domain.

The steps described below are:

  • Login to the "Hosting Management" -> "My Hosting Account"
  • Manage the Hosting: Select "My Products" menu, option "Hosting"and in "Control Panel" click on the link "Manage Account"
  • Go in the "Domain Management".
    - Open the "Setting" panel;
    - Click on icon "Domain Management" to display the list of domain that are currently attached to your account.
  • Clik on button "Add Domain" (top right)
  • Enter your "domain name" and specify its "folder".
    For Joomla Mulii Sites, put here the same folder than the one used by your master domain.


 My Hosting Account Maangement - Login

Manage account

 Manage hosting account

Domain Management

Domain Management

 Add Domain

Add a Domain

 Domain name and folder definition

Domain name and folder definition

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