How to configure CPanel to share the same JMS folder

Joomla Multi Sites requires that all the websites (master websites and all the slave sites) share the same Joomla Installation folder.

This mean that you have to setup each domain to be mapped on the same folder.

In the procedure below, we summarize the different steps to folllow.
We also provide you a link to a document provided by one of our customer that explain with screen shot, the different steps he followed to configure CPanel.

In summary:

  • Go in CPanel and select AddOn domain
  • Once in the AddOn Domains, then you will see an interface similar to this:
    Create an AddOn domain
    • New domain: the “slave site” name
    • Document Root: This is the root where the Master Site with the installed component is installed.
      This is also the path that is displayed by JMS after it has created the slave site (see the message in blue in the top)
For screen shot provided: click here
Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 November 2008 10:04