Version 1.2.20 : Add customized front-end website creation
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Possibility to ignore the images and and templates creation

In JMS templates, it is now possible to ignore the creation of the the images and templates folder.
This is usefull when creating a JMS template that is deployed in the same directory than the master website (case of Windows platform).
This allow creating rule where deploy folder is totally empty (No Symbolic Links at all).

Front-end website customizations

For the website creation from the front-end, it is now possible to chose which fields must be entered by the customer.

This allow for example to ignore the "admin email" and "admin password" in case where the website creation share the joomla users. This avoid to reset its information.

The other field can also be shown or hidden.

It is now also possible to have specific "JMS layouts" for the front-end website rendering.
A new "layout" menu is created in the back-end to allow upload specific layouts.

Use the "multisites.cfg.php" parameters when creating a slave site front the front-end

The "multisites.cfg.php" contains some configuration parameters that allow using a root MySQL login when creating a slave site.
Now this configuration file can also be used when creating slave sites from the front-end and therefore use a MySQL root login to create DB, MySQL users, ...
In previous version the root login had to be present in the website to replicate. This is no more required.
This "multisites.cfg.php" files is also used to specify the "host" when creating the MySQL users.

Bundled with Patch Definition 1.2.26.

Add patches for:

  • CCBoard to allow specific configuration file.
  • sh404SEF 1.5.5 to allow specific shCacheContent.php cache file for each slave sites and also update the previous patches due to the sh404SEF refactoring.

Add in JMS Tools (install) the definitions for :

  • JComments several modules and plugins,
  • JomSocial Dating Search & My Contacts,
  • Jumi module,
  • RawContent,
  • sh404sef similar urls plugin
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