Version 1.2.18 : Bundled with patch 1.2.24
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JMS multisites for joomla 1.2.18

This version is bundled with the latest JMS multisites for joomla patch definition 1.2.24 that mainly fix two existing patch (master configuration wrapper & ckforms) and add the definition of plenty new extension defintion for the JMS tools.

  • Fix Joomla Master configuration patch when upgrading from Patch 1.2.14 to 1.2.23.
    In previous patch, it may happen that JMS introduce a PHP syntax error that result by a "master website" blank page on the administrator and front-end. The problem was due by a close statement ("}") missing in the wrapper that result by a PHP syntax error. This problem occurs when JMS detect a double "master configuration" wrapper and when the "install" button is applied instead of the "save global configuration" as recommended.
    This new patch fix the "double master configuration wrapper".
  • Fix CK Forms sharing definition to add new tables present in "1.3.3 b5"
    This extension contain additional tables that are now added for the sharing.
    The previous ckforms definition in JMS was 1.3.3b3
  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - Content Optimzer;
    - chabad,
    - DT Menu,
    - Fabrik - Tag Cloud module, Fabrik & facebook plugin,
    - FLEXIcontent Tag Cloud, 
    - Google Maps,
    - J!Analytics,
    - JCE Utilities,
    - JComments Latest,
    - System - JFusion plugin,
    - JomFish Direct Translation,
    - JoomlaPack Backup Notification Module,
    - jSecure Authentication, Jumi plugins,
    - JX Woopra,
    - Mass content,
    - System - OptimizeTables,
    - RokGZipper,
    - Session Meter,
    - Zaragoza,
    - Wibiya Toolbar,
    - Button - Xmap Link
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