Patches definition history V1.1.x
You will find in this section the change history concerning the Patches Definition for Joomla Multi Sites version 1.1.x

Patch Version 1.1.1 : Allow install a slave site using the FTP Layer
Wednesday, 12 November 2008 00:00

When working on a very secure environment, the Joomla FTP Layer may be required.
To allow the installation of a slave sites and the creation of the "configuration.php" file into the "/multisites/xxx" where xxx is the site ID, a patch is required to tell Joomla that this directory is the one where is installed Joomla.

When the slave sites is installed, its Global Configuration must be changed to restore the master website directory in aim to allow the installation of the extensions.

Patch Version 1.1.0: Process sub-directories and add VirtueMart plugin "multisites"
Tuesday, 04 November 2008 00:00
  • Change configuration.php wrapper to accept sub-directories.
  • Add multisites.php file for sub-directory matching
  • Add core Joomla Bug fix in JFolder::delete that destroy the content of a folder when it is a symbolic link
  • Add VirtueMart patch in ps_order to add a call to MultiSite plugin in aim to process VirtueMart onOrderStatusUpdate
  • Add VirtueMart patch in ps_checkout to all a call to MultiSite plugin in aim to process VirtueMart onAfterOrderCreate
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