Change log Version 1.1.x
This is a non-exhaustive (but still near complete) changelog for Joomla Multi Sites version 1.1.x

Version 1.1.9: Remove a warning message and include Spanish language files
Friday, 02 January 2009 13:02

In this version, we have removed a debug trace that create a warning message

  • "Notice: Undefined variable: md_hostalias in ......includesmultisites.php on line 345"

We have also included the Spanish language files provided by one of our "Mexico" customers.

Version 1.1.8: Fix problem in the delete of a slave from the front-end
Friday, 26 December 2008 15:26
  • Fix a problem in the front-end delete website that was caused by a call to a missing function.
  • Fix a problem when update of a "website template" when some field value are removed.
    When saving the "website template", the removed field was not removed.
  • Fix cosmetic problem concerning the display of the "delete" button in the front-end that disappear after processing an operation.
  • Add some missing mezssage definition in the language files (back-end and front-end).
  • Fix a problem in the communication layer used by the registration that may result in the creation of a double host name in the URL (the consequence "Missing registration inforamtion"). This error only occurs when the PHP curl module is not present.
    Due to this duplicate host present in the URL (http://xxxxhttp://xxxx) this result in impossibility to detect the correct host name and therefore display the master website.
Version 1.1.7: Fix problem in the rescue registration
Tuesday, 23 December 2008 17:44
  • Fix a problem in the implementation of the rescue registration procedure that does not work.
  • Add security check on the Super Administrator rights taht manage the extension.
Version 1.1.6: Add checks on deploy directory
Tuesday, 23 December 2008 11:03
  • Review some Tips message to better explain the "deployed directory".
    Check that "deploy directory" exists to reduce the number of error message returned by JMS when this is not the case.
    Check that "deploy directory" is not your root directory. You can not deploy on itself.
  • Review message on the registration and also implement a rescue registration when there is a permission problem.
    Reset JMS when "missing registration info" is returned during the registration in aim to allow retrying the registration.
Version 1.1.5: Allow installation of template in a slave site when using specific folder
Thursday, 18 December 2008 23:45

In prior version, when using a specific themes (template) folder for a slave site it was not possible to install new template or event delete some of them. Only the replication of the template was performed.

With this new version, it is now possible to install specific theme in as slave sites when a specific folder is specified.
Remark: For compatibility with standard Joomla, the themes folder must be terminated by "/templates".

Fix also a bug when deleting a slave sites to correctly remove the domain URL path recognized by JMS.
In the previous version, the internal JMS dimain index was not refreshed and therefore the URL was still detected event when the files was not present.
In previous version, the internal index was only refresh when a slave sites is saved.

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