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Articles sharing Version 1.0  for Joomla Multi Sites
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Articles sharing Version 1.0 for Joomla Multi Sites

Price per Unit (piece): €24.99

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Display the existing articles, categories, sections from any websites defined in Joomla Multi Sites.

With this extension you don't need anymore to replicate or use special extension to synchronise your articles, categories and sections.

This "Joomla Multi Sites Articles sharing" component work like the standard joomla menu articles.
With this extension you can select any article, categories or section from any webistes managed by Joomla Multi Sites. You just have to select the website from which you want to display the information.

“JMS Articles Sharing” only display the articles.
The menu type implemented are:
-    Multi Sites articles layout;
-    Multi Sites Category Blog Layout;
-    Multi Sites Category List Layout;
-    Multi Sites Front Page Blog Layout;
-    Multi Sites Section Blog Layout;
-    Multi Sites Sections Layout;

This extension does NOT allow to edit articles, categories, or sections form the front-end.
When you want to edit the articles, ... you have to go in the website where it was created and use the starndard Joomla tool to edit them.
The “Archives list layout” is not implemented.

“JMS Articles Sharing” is in fact an extension that convert the standard Joomla “articles” PHP source code “com_content” component into a “Joomla Multi Sites” compliant code.
When an original source code is converted by ”JMS Articles Sharing” it saves it into a cache to improve the performance. The cache is automatically rebuilt when you update your Joomla version and the conversion of the sources is re-executed. By this way, this let you benefit of the Joomla bug fix and re-apply them into the Multi Sites version.

This extension require Jms Multi Sites version 1.2.34 or higher.

Only works with Joomla 1.5 and is NOT yet compatible with Joomla 1.6.

One of our customer has contributed to this product and has provided us a catalan language files of the Articles Sharing is also available and can be downloaded here or go in our free download section.

Menu Type comparaison


Article Layout


Category Blog Layout


Category List Layout


Parameters of Product: Templates
Directory Path   joomla/multisite
Image file name   articlesharing_v10
Demo URL   http://tutorial.jms2win.com/joomla/multisite-12x/articlesharingforjms/index.html
Create MyWebsite URL  
User manual URL   index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=10
Tutorial URL  
Forum URL  
Knowledge base URL  
Facebook Like URL  
Style of template (wireframe)  
Style of typography available  
Highlighted Sub-title  
Highlighted Support ID  
Highlighted Price Selector Variant  
Highlighted article ID  
Highlighted Below Article ID  
Product Title   Article Sharing version 1.0
Email Article ID  
Joomla Versions   1.5
Read more URL  
About URL  
Privacy URL  
Refund URL  
Terms of service URL  

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