Patches definition history V1.2.x
Patch Version 1.2.25 : Rebuilt to include missing patch in distribution 1.2.24
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JMS multisite patch definition 1.2.25 is just a rebuilt of the 1.2.24 to include missing patches in the distribution.
Patch Version 1.2.24 : Update fix for master configuration and CKForm 1.3.3b5
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  • Fix Joomla Master configuration patch when upgrading from Patch 1.2.14 to 1.2.23.
    In previous patch, it may happen that JMS introduce a PHP syntax error that result by a "master website" blank page on the administrator and front-end. The problem was due by a close statement ("}") missing in the wrapper. This problem occurs when JMS detect a double "master configuration" wrapper and when the "install" button is applied instead of the "save global configuration" as recommended.
    This new patch fix the "double master configuration wrapper".
  • Fix CK Forms sharing definition to add new tables present in "1.3.3 b5"
  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - Content Optimzer;
    - chabad,
    - DT Menu,
    - Fabrik - Tag Cloud module, Fabrik & facebook plugin,
    - FLEXIcontent Tag Cloud, 
    - Google Maps,
    - J!Analytics,
    - JCE Utilities,
    - JComments Latest,
    - System - JFusion plugin,
    - JomFish Direct Translation,
    - JoomlaPack Backup Notification Module,
    - jSecure Authentication, Jumi plugins,
    - JX Woopra,
    - Mass content,
    - System - OptimizeTables,
    - RokGZipper,
    - Session Meter,
    - Zaragoza,
    - Wibiya Toolbar,
    - Button - Xmap Link
Patch Version 1.2.23 : add patch for FCKEditor
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The JMS multisite patch definition 1.2.23 contains:

  • a patch for JoomlaFCKEditor to allow the image manager used the slave site image folder and no more the master image folder.
  • Improve the Joomla master "configuration.php" patch processing and detect double JMS wrapper installed in the master configuration file.
  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - OpenX module
Patch Version 1.2.22 : add FlexiContent, JSeblod, hwdVideoShare
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This JMS, multisite for joomla patch definition 1.2.22 includes:

  • a patch for AcyMailing working with multisites license with a same joomla installation.
  • the JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - AcyMailing, FLEXIcontent, hwdVideoShare, jSeblod CCK, nBill (not tested)
  • Add sharing definition for:
    - AcyMailing
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Patch Version 1.2.21 : add I Do Blog
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This JMS patch definition:
  • Modify the patch for the master configuration.php file to accept that this configuration.php file is not closed with the PHP endmarker (?>). Case may happen with some integrated sytem like Fantastico that create a configuration.php without this marker. Now when the PHP end marker is not found, this is the end of the file that is used.
  • Add a patch to RokModuleOrder to allow read the appropriate "params.ini" file when used in a slave site
  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - IDoBlog
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