Change log Version 1.2.x
Version 1.2.0 stable : Add new install and extension sharing
There are no translations available.

In this version we have review all the icons and graphical elements to provide more "sexy" screen.

We also have included the definition of some new extension for their installation from JMS Tools and also some sharing extensions.

Here it is the details of the changes:

  • Add display of the latest version number in the about and in the "check patches".
    The objective is to provide to the user a quick view of the latest version available.
  • Revamp all the icons and graphical elements for the JMS Template (Sharing panel) and JMS Tools
  • Bundled with Joomla 1.5.14 original files in case of rescue restore.
  • Bundled with Patch Definition 1.2.4 that add the definition of several extension for the JMS Tools and sharing.
    Add (install) definitions for :
    - AlphaUserPoints, civiCRM, Content Templater, FrontpagePlus, JContentPlus, Mosets Tree, noixACL, ReReplacer
    Add sharing definition for:
    - AlphaUserPoints, Custom Properties, JContentPlus, K2, Kunena Forum, MisterEstate, Mosets Tree, Noix ACL

When a previous JMS (Release Candidate) require to update to this stable version, you can get the latest version from this website in the menu

You can install the JMS stable version over the current one.
It is not necessary to un-install JMS to install the stable version over a Release Candidate.

Mise à jour le Vendredi, 07 Août 2009 09:21
Version 1.2.0 RC5: Fix dynamic DB creation and add new extension defintion for the JMS tools
There are no translations available.

  • Disable the "check patches" installation button when JMS is administrate from a slave site.
    Normally, JMS should only be installed on the master website and should not be used from a slave site.
    The installation of the JMS patches from a slave site may have side effect on the slave site configuration.php that receive the JMS wrapper.
    This cause a PHP errors that result in the impossibility to access the slave site.
  • Add new Tools extension install definitions for K2, WATicketSystem.
    Update also the Tools installation definition to add module and plugin defintion for the extension  JomSocial, virtuemart, hwdVideoShare, JComments
    Fix a bug in the JEvents sharing definition
  • Remove some PHP 5.x warnings.
  • Add several "index.html" files into all the JMS directories to hide the directory structure.
    Mainly add an "index.html" files into the "/multisites" directory to hide the list of slave sites.
  • Fix a problem when creating the DB dynamically.
    In that case, the tables was not replicated due to a bug in processing of the return code of the DB creation.
    In fact JMS has processed a sucessfull DB creation like an error that had resulted by a stop in creation of the tables.
  • Fix mapping directory path displayed when using the deploy directory.
    Instead of displaying the "master" directory, now display the deploy directory.
    Also display the resolved domain name instead of the expression when this is possible.
  • Fix bug when process slave site creation that report an error.
    On error, call the appropriate onDeploy_Err() plugin function instead of onDeploy_OK().
    This avoid for example to redirect the user to a check-out when its websiste quota is exceeded.
  • This version is also packaged with Joomla 1.5.13 files.


Mise à jour le Dimanche, 26 Juillet 2009 12:28
Version 1.2.0 RC4: Fix a problem when resaving slave site with symbolic link
There are no translations available.

  • Fix a problem when check the symbolic link present for a slave site
    On some hosting provider or PHP version (5.2.8) - we don't know really the conditins, it may happen that the Symbolic Link verification performed by JMS may fail when using relative path.
    The problem was reported when resaving an existing slave site.
    In this case, JMS check the existing link to verify they are compatible with the current saving request.
    It read the current link path using query based on relative path.
    In this version, when the query fail using a relative path, JMS retry a similar query using a full path.
    The symptom was "unable to create Symbolic Link"
  • Add verification on the Sharing definitions to avoid error in case of wrong XML files layout.
  • Add a verification that the "template" is written.
    It may happen that permission on the directory does not autorize to write the "config_template.php" file.
Version 1.2.0 RC3: Bundle with Joomla 1.5.12 and fix some deprecated syntax for PHP 5.x
There are no translations available.

This Joomla multiple site version 1.2.0 RC3 contain:

  • Additional spanish translations
  • Fix several warnings concerning deprecated syntax in PHP 5.x.
  • Bundled with original Joomla 1.5.12 files
  • Add several extension definitiion and sharing extension in the Patch Definition Version 1.2.2
    • Install definition: AdsManager, Communicator, hwdCommentsFix, hwdPhotoShare, hwdRevenueManager, hwdVideoShare, JComments, Kunena Forum, NeoRecruit, Phoca Guestbook.
    • sharing definition: AdsManager, NeoRecruit, hwdPhotoShare, hwdRevenueManager, hwdVideoShare.


Mise à jour le Dimanche, 05 Juillet 2009 19:48
Version 1.2.0 RC2: Fix slave replication - multiple menu
There are no translations available.

  • Fix bug when replicating a DB and syncrhonizing the Components, Modules and Plugins menus.
    In previous version, JMS duplicate the menu records into the DBs.
  • Fix sanitization of the DB user name, DB password and also password generator.
    The new valid characters set is :
    • Letters : 'a' to 'z', 'A' to 'Z';
    • Digits  : '0' to '9';
    • Special characters: '_.,;:=-+*/@#$£!&(){}[]<>§'
  • Add install and sharing defintions of the extensions:
    EventList, JEvents, com-properties


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